Please visit the BSEL website for information on the application and tuition-fee coverage.


The course fee for the entire M.A. programme is EUR 16.850.

Nominees proposed by ATAF members will be entitled to a lower fee rate, for more information please contact your tax administration.

The tuition fees exclude the following

  • travel costs from and back to the student’s home country; 
  • living costs in Berlin (housing, utilities, food, etc.); 
  • your own study materials (e.g. laptop, writing material, etc.);
  • Cost for visa application.

The average living costs for students in Berlin are estimated to be EUR 800.00 per month. The costs of flights to Berlin and back to the student’s home country are to be borne by the student or her/his employer. The same applies for the cost for the visa application to Germany.

Flight costs incurred by the study trip to South Africa are covered by the tuition fees.

GIZ will assist international students with finding accommodation in Berlin close to the university.

Financial Support

We are strongly committed to supporting students, and firmly believe that finance should not be a barrier to accessing university education - at any level. A limited number of financial support opportunities are therefore available for the 2015/2016 academic year. 

Nominees from ATAF member countries will be entitled to a lower fee.

Applicants from ATAF member countries are advised to contact their respective Tax Administrations (or Ministries reponsible) for nomination to the programme. Details in respect to funding, study leave and re-entry on completion of the programme will be available through respective employers.

Other Scholarship Options

Germany offers scholarships through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Please visit the DAAD website for further information and for information on the application process.

Some national governments and institutions in Africa, as well as international organisations such as the International Labour Organization or the World Bank, offer scholarships for professionals seeking to enhance their careers. We strongly advise you to investigate funding options in your home country and within your local institutions.

Please note: scholarship application processes are often lengthy and you should allow sufficient time in which to receive your confirmation. We therefore advise you to apply as soon as possible.